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Mamma Mia!

Inspiration! “Mamma Mia! here I go again!”

After having seen the movie version of the musical Mama mia! I am ready to redecorate! The multitudes of gorgeous blues in the seas of Greece and the crisp whites of the hillside buildings have inspired me! The deep Aegean, cerulean, sea glass and clear turquoise blues of the water with the beautiful sky blue and the soft periwinkle of Sophie’s bedroom walls are all so rich together and calming at the same time. I couldn’t take my eyes off the colors or stop thinking about what room I could use them in.

Working everyday in home furnishings it always surprises me where inspiration can come from. It can come from your wardrobe, your favorite color or the latest color trends. Maybe a painting has inspired you or a fabric. It maybe a vacation spot or a picture from a magazine. I found mine in Mamma Mia.

Color is so important in decorating your home and can effect you and your family in many ways! For Example, blues are associated with peace and tranquility and can have a calming effect on us physically much like the blues of the ocean with the waves flowing in and out. If you’ve seen the movie or are planning to, look for the scene where Meryl Streep is singing “The Winner” and running up the hillside to the wedding chapel with a beautiful bougainvillea red scarf blowing in the breeze. The red is so dramatic against the blues! You can always use a spot of red! This will add an element of excitement and passion to the calmness of the blues and whites.

If you’re interested in learning more about color join us Wednesday evening September 10 for a fun seminar. Please call to register 480-892-0174

Robin Muralt

Norwood Furniture

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