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A Fresh Look with Fabulous Function for your Home Office

Hi, my name is Debbie Stuck and I am part of the merchandising department here at Norwood Furniture. One of the favorite parts of my job is to give information to our design staff about new products we are featuring on our showroom floor. I will be expanding this part of my job to share some of that information with all of you.

One of the exciting new things on our floor is a new modular home office collection from Hooker Furniture called Urban Lodge. The designers have done a spectacular job of taking today’s needs in our busy lives and fulfilling those needs with a look that is clean-lined and casual, yet warm and inviting.

The finish is described as a medium, clear cinnamon finish. To me it’s kind of like a paraphrase of the Goldilocks fairy tale, not too dark, not too light, just right. They have made it interesting by using birch solids and veneers with a swirly character as the wood it’s made from. There is just enough burnishing on the edges and imperfections purposely left in the wood to maximize the interest without overdoing it.

Simple and sleek hardware in an antique bronze finish and planked-look door fronts complete the look with maximum style and minimum clutter. This is not furniture from the past, this is new, fresh-looking furniture that can go in many different settings, whether your style is loft-like, lodge-like, or even a taste of the tropics.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter if it looks good if it doesn’t have the features you need. Hooker has taken care of that too with all of the great bells and whistles we have come to count on them for in our home offices, and even some new ones we haven’t seen before.

For instance, they have geared this collection more towards notebook use than some of thier previous collections. Instead of the power bar being housed where the tower would be, they have put it in the drop-down fronted keyboard drawer/pullout in the computer workstation. How great is that to plug in right where it’s easy and convient for your notebook. And the penninsula desk features a drawer with drop-down fronts on both sides making use by two people at the same times easy, as well as the utilizing the normally dead space at the end of the penninsula by adding bookshelf/display space.

With a locking lateral file, open hutches with adjustable/removable shelves (I’m thinking flat screen TV), a closed hutch with built in task lighting above the computer workstation and even a tall bookcase, Hooker has covered the bases for us.

If modular is not your home office style or it just won’t work in your room, we have a free-floating desk and mobile file available in the same finish and styling for you. I also love the wall of bookcases they have created by using the tall bookcase and quarter-round end bookshelves together. I love to read, so this bookcase wall would really work for me.

Or, if you love the look and finish, but don’t need a new home office, Hooker has also used this finish and styling in home entertainment and occasional tables for you.

Just a few hints on shopping for a new home office. It will go more smoothly and successfully if you think about a few things before you shop. Let us know what kind of hardware you need to house (notebook, desktop, all-in-one, etc.), who’s going to be using the space (how many people and who will be the primary user), how you want it to “feel”, are you a reader like me and need lots of bookshelf/display space, what other furniture will be living in the same room (maybe a chair or recliner), and how big the space is.

Lastly, my personal philosophy is that buying new furniture should be a fun and exciting experience. We want you to love your new room! It’s easy to fall in love with the look of a room, but in a home office especially it has to have the right function as well as the look. Hopefully this will help start the process of finding the right home office for you, one that you will love for years to come.

And keep a lookout for more information about what’s new at Norwood.
Debbie Stuck
Norwood Furniture

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