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The Artisano Collection: Artistry in Hand Treated Leathers

If you want to experience true luxury with leather, the Artisano Collection from Leathertrend is for you. Artisano is a collection of hand stained and colored leathers, available in two unique finishes; Highlights and Antique.

Highlights: Created by leather craftsmen, Highlights enhances and enriches the appearance of fine leather furniture. By hand rubbing certain areas of the furniture piece, the look of “well used” yet “well cared for” furniture is brought to life. A work of art!

Antique: The same specialized skills applied in Highlights are used to “antique” each piece of this fine furniture. The hand rubbing techniques predominately emphasize “aging” to arms, seats and backs. This same technique is applied to the exposed wood and nail-head trim on each piece. The finished appearance is that of a true antique!

The Artisano Collection is an example of Old World Craftsmanship resulting in furniture that is truly timeless and will be the feature and focal point of your room for years to come. These pieces are created from premium leather and, like all quality leather, it will improve with age. Over time the furniture pieces develop a beautiful color, a richness in character and a deep patina. Luxurious cushion comfort and quality in construction are evident with feather/fiber blended seating, 8 way hand tied construction and premium hardwood frames. This is furniture that will be in your family for decades.

With its timeless appearance, premium craftsmanship and ability to mix beautifully with any style, the Artisano Collection is a must see for anyone considering leather. Please stop by to see me, I would love to show you this sophisticated and stylish leather collection.


Jodi Watters

Norwood Furniture

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