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Creating the “Simpler Life” with a dining table

Can the simpler life really be found at the dining table?  Can a piece of furniture such as a kitchen table really help us create the family traditions and the kind of lasting memories we desire? I believe it can.

When you think about it, the dining and kitchen table is a place we all have memories around. From the everyday breakfast with your brothers and sisters eating cereal and somebody spilling the milk to special occasions such as Thanksgiving or Christmas with lots of family and friends gathered together for a meal, we all have memories that include coming together around a table.

I believe we can greatly effect the feel of our homes by selecting the right furnishings and accessories.  The table you choose for your home can add to the feel you want to create.  If you desire a “simpler” more relaxed life and want to create a warm and inviting feeling in your home I suggest our new collection called “Champlain” from one of the best dining manufactures Canadel.

This collection is inspired by a French explorer named Samuel De Champlain who over 400 years ago founded the first permanent French settlement in North America in what is now Quebec City.

This collection is marked by the colonial charm and rustic simplicity of the early 17th century.  It is hand assembled and hand finished from North American birch creating durability and timeless heirloom quality.  The design trademarks are straight forward, unadorned lines and the simple beauty of the wood and natural colored finishes add rustic charm to your kitchen or dining room.

There are 8 unique finishes that have warm inviting colors with incredible hand antiquing that really makes the pieces look like heirlooms that have seen generations of children eating breakfast before school and families gathered together for Thanksgiving dinner.  The warmth and depth of character of these finishes will create a feeling of casual comfort in a dining room, kitchen or breakfast nook.

One of the greatest features of these pieces is they all have a protective catalyzed finish.  This finish will make them easy to maintain with just soapy water and a damp cloth and with the distressed nature of the antique finish this a great table for everyday use.  You and your family won’t have to be so delicate with the table and worried you will mark the table because it’s already distressed!  This will create a more relaxed atmosphere when using the table.

There are 7 different table sizes, one extending to 132″ for seating up to 12, 6 bar stools styles and 7 chair styles to chose from. Also, many of the tables are available in the popular 36″ counter height

If you desire a beautifully rich table that will add a causal, relaxed and warm feel to your home stop in and see “Champlain”.  You can get a little closer to the “Simpler” life by creating happy family memories and traditions that begin around a wonderful table.

Wishing us all a “Simpler Life”



Robin Muralt – Norwood Furniture

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