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What reflects in the mirror counts!

Mirrors are a fabulous addition to any home.  With all of the new frames and sizes that are available, they are a decorator’s dream.  But, what reflects in the mirrors and where they are placed are very important.  They can be used to enhance your home, reflect beautiful objects, or to make a space seem larger that it is. 

One of the most common places to hang a mirror is above your fireplace.  This is suitable, but utilizing just a mirror will reflect only your ceiling.  Place something beautiful in front of the mirror such as flowers or a stunning vase to give you a reflection of something pleasing.

Go around your home and look in each mirror.  What is it reflecting?  Is what you see (besides yourself!) beautiful?  If not, try other areas in the room until you find the most desirable reflection. 

Mirrors are a great way to make smaller rooms appear larger or to make a rectangular room appear square which is more pleasing.  Place the mirror on your longest wall in your room.  This will create the illusion of a wider space and will provide symmetry. 

On a final note, a mirror facing your bed is not a good idea.  In Feng Shui, it is said to deplete your personal energy when you need it most, at night when your body is doing its repair work.  To remedy the situation, position the mirror in your bedroom to reflect something beautiful like a nice piece of art or a beautiful chandelier.  Yes, chandeliers in the bedroom are a wonderful, romantic touch.

If you have any further questions about interior design for your home, I would be happy to help you.  Stop by and visit me at Norwood Furniture in Gilbert, Arizona.  It is a magnificent showroom that provides everything you need to make your home yours!


Kevin Moore, Certified Designer

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