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Not just a lamp!! Part 1

The other day as I was walking through the store, I heard someone comment, “It’s just a lamp”! At first I just smiled as I recognized the frustration in their voice, then I realized, it’s not just a lamp!

Then the¬†realization hit, that people get frustrated because we don’t really think about the lamps until the very end of the decorating process.. we really don’t understand or know how to choose lamps..we have not been educated!! So.. I want to just touch on a few points that may help in the future!

Because lamps are the main, or most used source of light in most rooms, they also become the finishing touch to a room..so take into consideration your tastes! What do you like to look at, what makes you feel good, what kind of statement do you want to make in the room and…what is your current home decor! Lamps are now made for every taste and every decor you can think of..( and some I would only think of in my wildest dreams!!) So.. choose one that fits your decor and your life style!!

You want to consider why your are getting the lamp. Lamps have many functions, we use them for reading, writing, art, accents, color, texture or just something pretty to look at! Remember, just because they work for one task doesn’t mean it will function for another! A lamp used for reading may be a little over powering in an area that just needs a little glow for ambiance!

Where are you going to locate the lamp? We put them on buffets, we put them in bathrooms, on kitchen counters ( for those of us that are getting older eyes, this comes in handy!), on nightstands, lamp tables, sofa tables…everywhere!! The location will help denote the reason, function and size of the lamp! Purpose function and size also depend on when you will be using the lamp; will it be used for ambiance, function as a task light or be an artistic statement in a room, light up a special piece of art or be used as a night light in a baby’s room?

So.. It’s not just a lamp!! Hopefully I have helped shed a little “light”
on the subject of lamps so you will be armed with some ideas as you come to Norwood to choose that final touch of style, function and purpose for your home! We have been receiving new shipments of beautiful and artistic lamps to make this process more exciting! My name is Peggie and I will be happy to help you create that final touch of ambiance for your home!!

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