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Remember the Area Rug

Rugs offer a room so much!  Texture!  Design!  Color!

If your living or great room has a hard surface floor such as tile, wood or granite, do your room a favor and consider a fabulous area rug with great texture, design and color!

If BIG TEXTURE is what you need, we carry and extensive collection of colors and sizes with various piles.

Design: What is your overall look?  Modern, transitional or traditional?  Choose something to blend with your overall theme, or try something eclectic if it’s appropriate.  As a designer, I’ll assist you to make that recommendation!

Color: Does your room need color?  Do you need something to ground and tie everything else together?

Make sure your rug and your floor are a match with these tips:

  1. When using one large rug in a living or family room, make sure there’s an even border of flooring around all four sides, or at least that borders of flooring opposite each other are even. Don’t get a rug so large that it touches the baseboard around the room.
  2. If your room is formal with a natural center, use a rug with a center medallion design to accentuate the natural layout of the room.
  3. Use two rugs in one room to define different areas or functions within it. They don’t have to match. In fact, it’s more interesting to see coordinating area rugs that display some of the same colors but vary the scale of the pattern and alter the design.
  4. As a general rule, put the front legs of furniture pieces on the rug and the back legs off. More important, however, is to make sure the rug is placed in balanced fashion in the room; the furniture can fall either on or off of it.
  5. The perfect size of a dining-room rug is one 4 feet larger than the width and length of the table. As long as the rug is large enough to move the chairs away from the table without them falling off of the edge, the rug is the right size. Any surrounding furniture, such as a china cabinet or serving pieces, should be on the floor, not on the rug.
  6. Area rugs muffle sound and add a restful quality to any room. For the kitchen, hallways and entry, an Oriental rug is the best bet-no other soft floor surface is as durable against the wear and tear of daily life.
  7. If your room has a definite focal point such as a fireplace, it’s usually best to go with a rug with an all-over pattern so it doesn’t distract from the focal point.

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