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New at Norwood! Organic Wall Art Inspired by Nature

We just got in these three  new pieces of dramatic organically inspired wall art.  I just love their size and the natural feeling they can bring to a room!

The Swirl pieces show great use of repetition with their multiple irregular circles  to create movement for a dynamic focal point. The placement of the textural detail on the Woven Shield is asymmetrical, causing your eye to be drawn towards it in an unexpected way which adds to the visual interest.

close up of abaca fiber Shield

close up of hand bent pole rattan

The Shield is made of hand twisted abaca fiber rope woven in a shield design.  Abaca is a plant native to the Philippines. The shield measures 44.5″ by 5″ deep.

The Swirl is hand bent pole rattan in a  dark coffee tone finish. It measures 48″ by3.75″ deep.

Be sure to click on the images to see all the fine details and texture of these pieces!

You can use three as shown at right in our showroom with 14 foot cielings to create a great dramatic focal point with grand scale.




Or use two on a smaller wall as shown at left to add tons of textural interest to a more intimate space.






Below are three of the Swirl overlapped over a sofa.

They add great drama and impact to the soft tones of the sofa.





These pieces are so fun and unique!  They are  a great way to add impact while maintaining a natural casual feel in your room. Stop on by and take a look at them in person.


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