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Get That Look: Gray & Neutral by Norwood Furniture


Gray is everywhere these days, so this week’s Get That Look post features a neutral living area with charcoal accents, mirrored furniture, and lots of cozy upholstery.

It’s always tricky to decipher if design trends are here to stay, but our forecast is showing that gray will likely be the “in” color for interiors for years to come. If you’re still a little hesitant about the color, take major notes from the space above. They chose upholstery in creamy neutral tones and added gray in with pillows, a rug, and lamps. This way, if gray is out the door in a few years you can pick up a few inexpensive pillows and lampshades to add in a new color.

We also love when natural elements are brought into a room, like this beautiful orchid that brings light and life to the space.

Norwood’s Interior Designers would love to help you create this look in your own home, give us a call at (480) 892-0174 or send us an email at norwood.furniture.store@gmail.com to get started!

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