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E-Design: Two Tone Dining


TableChairsChina CabinetMirrorsLampDecanter SetRug

Two tone dining tables are a beautiful way to bring multiple finishes into a room. They’re especially useful in a kitchen nook where you can match the base to your cabinets and the top to the chairs, or vice versa.

This China Cabinet is really the center of the space. The dark mink finish, antiqued mirror back panel, and silver knobs bring a hint of glamour to the room.

There would ideally be 4 chairs around the dining table, but for the sake of this picture’s visual appeal, we’re letting you imagine the other two. We chose chairs in a more rustic finish like that of the table top to lighten the room and kept the rug neutral with a monochromatic pattern.

Norwood’s Interior Designers are always here to help you create a beautiful dining space of your own. Give us a call at (480) 892-0174 to learn more about the pieces used above or to start your own room makeover.

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