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Furniture Pick of the Week: Dottie Bed

This week’s Furniture Pick is the Dottie bed from the Trisha Yearwood Collection.

As someone who travels a lot, Trisha understands the importance of time spent at home. The creation of the Trisha Yearwood Home Collection is more than just southern inspiration, it’s a way of life; expressed in the craftsmanship of every piece.

The collection is a marriage of eye-catching designs coupled with timeless charm. Just like her best-selling cookbooks, the collection is an irresistible combination of comfort and tasteful authenticity.

Dottie’s beautiful brown finish with heavy distressing and burnishing creates an uneven relaxed appearance to reflect years of wear and tear. This finishing technique blends a medium brown base with highlights underneath to invite a relaxed lifestyle. Pieces from Trisha’s Collection are all about comfort and warmth!

I also love the tufting on the back of the bed, it gives a cozy yet regal appearance and stays neutral with the light oatmeal upholstery. Sleigh beds will always be a classic refined look, giving your bedroom just what it needs to stay up to date.

Visit us today to see Dottie in person!

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