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High Point Market Day 1

We’ve been back from High Point for a couple of weeks now, but I thought it would be fun to show you the things we saw each day in case you didn’t catch our Instagram stories.

We started day 1 looking at upholstery and noticed quite a few immediate trends- tribal/global prints, blue sofas and sectionals, and the welcomed appearance of blush pink.

Tribal and global prints were everywhere from ottomans to pillows and even entire accent chairs. These fun prints added color and personality to spaces with larger solid colored upholstery.

The one color that was absolutely everywhere was blue. Really, who doesn’t like blue? In recent years most larger upholstery like sofas and sectionals have been in gray and beige/tan but we spotted different shades of blue in numerous upholstery showrooms. Blue can really be used as a neutral if done right, bringing lots of new opportunities when shopping for your living room!

Aside from blue, we also saw lots of muted tones, specifically blush pink. Blush made its way to millennial weddings a few years ago, but as the generation gets ready to purchase homes, its now been duplicated in the furniture industry. We’ve even heard blush pink referred to many times as “Millennial pink”. What do you think, would you live with a pink sectional or sofa?

Check back next week for day 2, and thanks for stopping by!

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